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 Incoming!![posted by TMR on 01 Oct 2005] 
Oh goodness, two days and we've gained two members! For reasons best known to himself, the delightful Fungus has decided to move in and make himself at home despite T.M.R insulting him on regular occasions. We'd like to welcome him to the ranks (if that's the right word) although it's quite difficult to do whilst we're hiding all the decent silverware and the DVD player at the same time as trying to double the contents insurance...!
 Mooooo![posted by TMR on 30 Sep 2005] 
Two additions at the same time, first off we've got to welcome a new member to the fold; anyone who knows their scene history'll already know who Bizzmo is but, for anyone who isn't aware or was living in a commune in Outer Mongolia during the 1980s, have a look at his first production for Cosine and you'll see where the stellar reputation came from; Melissa is a multicolour bitmap picture and, in the grand tradition of these things, it's a picture of a scantily clad female. Sorted!
 Engineering works - please wear safety headwear at all times![posted by TMR on 01 Feb 2005] 
Yes, it's a new year and time for a new look Cosine website; everything has been dismantled, moved over to T.M.R's own web server and then rebuilt in PHP in order to make maintaining everything easier. In the process, the site has been totally redesigned and the layout now uses the Pepto palette for that "authentic" C64 look. Similarly, all the C64 screens have been re-grabbed using the same palette, which makes them a lot closer to how they were originally intended to look.

There's a few new additions to the files area, Astro Nell is a cute platformer for the unexpanded VIC20 done completely by 4-Mat and, as with the last redesign of the site, there is a sparkly new hot-off-the-assembler Cosine release to go out alongside the re-launched outfit; Radiant is a fun little dentro for the Plus/4, featuring music by 4-Mat and code and graphics work by T.M.R
 Some loose ends to sort[posted by TMR on 06 Sep 2004] 
First off the big (and somewhat late) news is that 4-Mat is no longer a member of Cosine; Matt decided that he wanted to explore new avenues and that, with his very busy work schedule he couldn't devote enough time to the group. We'd all like to wish him the best with everything and say that the door is always open should he feel like returning to the fold. As a farewell, he's sent a revised version of his last product for Cosine - Bah! Bah! on the VIC has been modified to correct a small error that only occurs in WinVICE and not on the real hardware, because we're that thorough!
 Forever 5 releases[posted by TMR on 23 Mar 2004] 
Time for another triple release to kick start 2004, all for the Forever 5 party in Slovakia; 1K Party is a quick plasma effect for the Atari 8bit 1K intro competition, Shattered is a one-parter entered into the C64 demo competition and Bah! Bah! is for the VIC20 and was sent along to compete in the wild competition.
 Ikaruga released[posted by TMR on 06 Sep 2003] 
The first Cosine product on the Commodore Plus/4 was released yesterday (we won!) in the rather shapely form of Ikaruga - a dentro put together by T.M.R and 4-Mat for the 16K demo competition held at the 4Ever03 party, a Plus/4 specific event.
 Bad Scene Poetry and C.G.M. UKScene Radio intros released[posted by TMR on 30 Aug 2003] 
Wow, it's bonus release time here at Cosine HQ with not one, not two but three releases on no less than three formats at once! First off, a little late for Assembly this year is an excellent dentro to entertain and amuse from 4-Mat; he's outdone himself with Bad Scene Poetry for the unexpanded VIC20.

As if that wasn't enough, we're releasing two advert intros written for Solorize over at the fabby C.G.M. UKScene Radio. The intro comes in two flavours for the Atari 8bit and Commodore 64 for a little bit of binary goodness in your diets.
 Presets and Mini Melodies released at Vision 2003[posted by TMR on 10 Jun 2003] 
There was not one but two Cosine releases for Vision 2003; this time they were a dentro called Presets featuring code and graphics by T.M.R with soundtracks by 4-Mat and a tiny music pack put together by 4-Mat and entitled Mini Melodies. And there's more for 2003 where that came from...
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