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 An Apple a day[posted by TMR on 15 Dec 2015] 

We've been meaning to get something released on the Apple II for ages now, so Septic was quite a long time coming! It isn't a spectacular release, but plays a reasonable rendition of Martin Galway's one channel "idle" music from C64 game Microprose Soccer on the beeper. The source is available from T.M.R's Github account for anybody who fancies trying to compose with it.

 Aren't we forgetting something...?[posted by TMR on 30 Nov 2015] 

T.M.R almost forgot to release the now "traditional" Montly Demo for November 2015 to the point where he was literally hammering code together until 11pm this evening! It's a small one file release and almost certainly could be pared down into a crack intro, but MD201511 is now available to download and features some good music that was composed years ago by T.L.F..

 Mysterious and spooky...[posted by TMR on 31 Oct 2015] 

Time for another Monthly Demo release from the haunted Cosine mansion and this time we have MD201510 - Spoopiness - a Halloween-themed production which is also an entry into the Unintended Opcode Coding Challenge competition. Coding and graphical machinations are by T.M.R with music from Odie which was originally composed for Elvira - Mistress Of The Dark. Whooo spooky, and so forth.

 Woohoo, it's September or something![posted by TMR on 10 Sep 2015] 

In what is either a brave or more likely foolhardy move, Cosine are proud to present MD201509 (which is a contraction of the full title Monthly Demo - September 2015) as the first in what will hopefully be an ongoing series of demos. The main part is also a homage to the Beyond Force classic Charalatan and features lots of moving colours, written by T.M.R and using some music 4-Mat composed when he was still a member.

 Bumping the year by one[posted by TMR on 01 Jan 2015] 

Inc Year is, as the name might suggest, a little intro to mark the passing of 2014 and the start of 2015 which features yet more vertical splits from T.M.R and a soundtrack from Bex/Slipstream. It was released as part of the annual New Years Disk 2015 which was organised over at Atari Age.

 The final intro[posted by TMR on 26 Dec 2014] 

There is now a third entry called Spotified from T.M.R with music by Bex/Slipstream available to download, featuring a tune thought lost until it turned up on an old hard disk and some cycle timed ghostbyte hammering.

This was T.M.R's third entry for Laxity's Intro Creation Competition over at the C64 Scene Database.

 Further introductions...[posted by TMR on 22 Dec 2014] 

We've just released another entry into Laxity's Intro Creation Competition over at the C64 Scene Database. Put together by T.M.R with music from Odie, this one is called Oldstyle because it has FLD effects, raster bars and a high resolutuion logo created from a font.

 If music be the food of love[posted by TMR on 09 Dec 2014] 

Brilliant Maze Music Demo does exactly what it says on the tin, being a music demo featuring the tunes created by our very own Odie for the 2014 RGCD 16K cartridge competition entry Brilliant Maze by Geir Straume.

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