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 Bouff Goes Retro one-filer added and small updates[posted by TMR on 22 Dec 2001] 
Released on the covermount of Commodore Zone issue 16, Bouff Goes Retro is a one-filed demo featuring wired pictures of Emily "Bouff" Booth (media celeb and former co-presenter of Channel 4's Bits) and a classic Deek soundtrack. (The games from CZone 16 will be added to the site in the new year!)
 Dentro added and revised web outfit and domain![posted by TMR on 05 Nov 2001] 
Well, we seem to have almost totally skipped a couple of years, but the Cosine website finally bludgeons its way into the 21st century. The old address still works (and will continue to for a while yet) but it is now possible to just type into your browser!

One new addition this time, 4-Mat's excellent Dentro is officially released to celebrate the updating of the website!
 Rollover demo released[posted by TMR on 01 Jan 2000] 
A little new years demo called Rollover was released on New Years Eve 1999 featuring code by T.M.R, graphics by T.M.R and WEC and music by 4-Mat, Tonka, T.L.F. and T.M.R
 Backlog intro collection released[posted by TMR on 14 Nov 1999] 
Backlog is a collection of intros coded by T.M.R over the last ten years, some released and others unseen. The collection features music by Odie and 4-Mat and some new graphics by T.M.R and WHW Design.

And we have another member, T.L.F. (ex-Xentrix) joins the ranks of the incredibly lazy as a musician.
 Cyberwing added to the game downloads[posted by TMR on 18 Jul 1999] 
We've added a new game to the downloads; Cyberwing is a hard and fast vertical scrolling shoot-em-up with code and graphics by T.M.R and music by Odie, Skywave and 4-Mat. Rated highly by Max Maslen at Total 64.
 INC D021 released[posted by TMR on 11 Jul 1999] 
Had a seriously good time at Deja Vu II (a load of pictures have been uploaded) and released our demo INC D021 which is now on the downloads page along with all the Cosine produced Commodore Zone demos.
 Spectral added[posted by TMR on 12 Jun 1999] 
We've now added Spectral, the Cosine release for Remedy '99 coded by T.M.R with music by 4-Mat to the demo downloads.
 Lunar Blitz added[posted by TMR on 07 Feb 1999] 
Added Lunar Blitz and re-added Rock Run to the downloads page.
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