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 Last of 2018 and first of 2019[posted by TMR on 05 January ] 
T.M.R has just released a final intro for the CSDb Intro Creation Competition which is called Level One and has a game-like theme. The music is courtesy of aNdy, with code and graphics from T.M.R.

 Somebody cracked our intro![posted by TMR on 25 December] 
Crack Intro is another entry into the CSDb Intro Creation Competition from Cosine, once more coded by T.M.R but this time sporting music by Odie. And yes, the entire thing is built around a terrible "pun"...

 More glorious FM[posted by TMR on 15 December] 
Here's something a little different for a cold Saturday afternoon; ICSRTU-FM (or I Can See Right Thru You on formal letters) features a cover of the titular Supercharge song which was expertly handled by Odie and his FM music driver. That means it needs either an FM-YAM cartridge or the SFX Sound Expander with a YM3812 upgrade, the latter of which can be emulated with VICE.
 Intro to small intros, part 1 and 2[posted by TMR on 08 December] 
We've got not one but two new little intros released today, the first is Femtotro, features code and graphics by T.M.R with music from 4-Mat and is an entry for the CSDb Intro Creation Competition. It was based on a compact Babygang intro written in 1991 that's included in Backlog.

Released alongside Femtotro was Zeptotro which has the same credits (although features far less graphics) and carries on where it's bigger brother leaves off when it comes to size coding, since it lives in the default screen RAM and doesn't use any memory above $7fff when running.

 Needs some introduction[posted by TMR on 24 November] 
The CSDb Intro Creation Competition is back for 2018 and, one day after Doctor Who day, so is Cosine with a new intro called Oldest Style. Fresh, 8580-powered music this time is by aNdy and the old school code and graphics are from T.M.R.
 Scary darey[posted by TMR on 31 October ] 
If your mansion house needs haunting just call... Cosine? Perhaps, but aNdy has just released his Halloween-themed Old School Demo 3 for those who like things that go bump in the night and have a DYCP scroller! Once again, the PureBasic source code and assets have been provided with the download.
 The daily grind[posted by TMR on 25 Septembe] 
T.M.R spends some of the time writing random things about demos at his blog and the most recent was Demo Factory, a release from the Dark Times before he joined Cosine! That post in turn lead to the development of Demo Factory 2018, a from scratch re-write with new graphics and music from Odie.
 In glorious FM[posted by TMR on 07 July 201] 
Developed in co-operation with Xentax, Odie FM is a collection of tunes which use Odie's recently written OPL2 music driver, supporting either a modified SFX Sound Expander or FM-YAM cartridge for some lovely FM audial goodness.
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