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 A Change Of Style[posted by TMR on 27 Jul 2014] 

So the Cosine website was showing it's age. It was a pain to update and there were a couple of bugs in the PHP and those seemed like good enough reasons to rip the entire thing apart to make it better than it was. Better, stronger, faster. Okay, so there are a few products that have moved to a new URL in the process as specific areas for the C64DTV and Commodore Amiga were added, but the bulk of the addresses should remain constant for websites linking to us and we now have the option of properly adding music and graphics releases as well.

There's also a couple of "new" games in there too, both for the C64; Lunar Blitz RX is a shiny new reworking of the original Lunar Blitz which has been modified to match the Atari 8-bit version released at the start of 2014. Warflame RX isn't quite as new, but hasn't previously been added to the website or made available online - it's the reworked version of the original Warflame that was released by Cronosoft in 2006.

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