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 Into the big black yonder[posted by TMR on 18 Nov 2012] 
It's already available from the various Atari 8-bit download sites and from the appropriate thread at Atari Age, but we've now got a proper entry on the Cosine website for T.M.R's Atari 8-bit horizontally scrolling shoot 'em up Callisto. This game was entered into the yearly ABBUC Software Competition and came second and has received quite a bit of positive feedback from the Atari community. Which is nice.

We've also managed to scrape our second Amiga demo Liquidize It off an ailing floppy disk to make it available for download; the demo is available as files for hard disk users or as an ADF image. The archive for Reaxion on the Amiga has also been upgraded to add an ADF image.
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