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 Kikstart C16 cartridges[posted by TMR on 18 Jul 2008] 
Recently that nice James over at RGCD badgered persuaded T.M.R that cramming Kikstart C16 down to fit into an 8K cartridge would be a good idea. In fact, it would seem that it really was a good idea despite T.M.R's reluctance (not enough to stop him doing the code and spending a few days trying to remember how auto-starting cartridges work) and there has been a significant amount of interest to the point where Retro Gamer printed a news item about the cartridges in issue 53 (in the "retro radar" section on page 8, for those wanting to see how the boxes look) but there's a link to this website at the end of the piece and... umm, we don't actually sell the carts!

Kikstart C16 is freely available from this site as a download if you click the link at the start of this sentence in fact, but those who want to purchase it should ponder over to RGCD and nag them (or wait until it appears in the shop!)
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