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 So where did the rest 2007 go...?[posted by TMR on 08 Mar 2008] 
Woohoo! Here's the first Cosine release for 2008 and it's a case of "new year, new format" since it's our very first title for the Commodore PET, in particular for 8K machines with 40 column screens. Blok Copy is an action puzzler where the playfield gets scrambled and the player is then given control and a finite amount of time in which to straighten things out. The design and code were both by T.M.R and the game features graphics (well okay, screen layouts since the PET can't redefine it's characters) by Bizzmo and T.M.R along with a slightly screechy cover of "End Theme", some in-game sound effects and jingles that T.M.R had a go at producing which rely on a hardware hack to add sound to the otherwise mute PET.
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