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 More new stuff to play![posted by TMR on 25 Aug 2007] 
So if we were to say that there was a new release from Cosine called Kikstart C16 but that it's a C64 release, would that be confusing...? Okay, explanations are probably in order; on the 264 series, the game Kikstart isn't the two player split-screen affair seen on the other 8-bits, instead it's a single player race against time through the levels, jumping obstacles, avoiding airborne hazards and collecting bonuses by popping balloons! C16 gamers have always enjoyed playing it and so have we, because of that it's now possible for C64 fans to enjoy it as well!

The original code and graphics are by Shaun Southern from the original whilst the conversion, optimisation and in-game sound were produced by T.M.R. This is the first release with an all-new Cosine intro as well, with code and grahphics by T.M.R and featuring a previously unreleased piece of music by Odie.
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