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 Engineering works - please wear safety headwear at all times![posted by TMR on 01 Feb 2005] 
Yes, it's a new year and time for a new look Cosine website; everything has been dismantled, moved over to T.M.R's own web server and then rebuilt in PHP in order to make maintaining everything easier. In the process, the site has been totally redesigned and the layout now uses the Pepto palette for that "authentic" C64 look. Similarly, all the C64 screens have been re-grabbed using the same palette, which makes them a lot closer to how they were originally intended to look.

There's a few new additions to the files area, Astro Nell is a cute platformer for the unexpanded VIC20 done completely by 4-Mat and, as with the last redesign of the site, there is a sparkly new hot-off-the-assembler Cosine release to go out alongside the re-launched outfit; Radiant is a fun little dentro for the Plus/4, featuring music by 4-Mat and code and graphics work by T.M.R
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