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 Bad Scene Poetry and C.G.M. UKScene Radio intros released[posted by TMR on 30 Aug 2003] 
Wow, it's bonus release time here at Cosine HQ with not one, not two but three releases on no less than three formats at once! First off, a little late for Assembly this year is an excellent dentro to entertain and amuse from 4-Mat; he's outdone himself with Bad Scene Poetry for the unexpanded VIC20.

As if that wasn't enough, we're releasing two advert intros written for Solorize over at the fabby C.G.M. UKScene Radio. The intro comes in two flavours for the Atari 8bit and Commodore 64 for a little bit of binary goodness in your diets.
 Presets and Mini Melodies released at Vision 2003[posted by TMR on 10 Jun 2003] 
There was not one but two Cosine releases for Vision 2003; this time they were a dentro called Presets featuring code and graphics by T.M.R with soundtracks by 4-Mat and a tiny music pack put together by 4-Mat and entitled Mini Melodies. And there's more for 2003 where that came from...
 Cute and Warpzone Remix Released[posted by TMR on 07 May 2003] 
Even more releases for 2003 (who said we weren't active?!) in the form of Cute, an entry for the graphics competition at Breakpoint 2003 drawn by Exin and some smart Robotron-styled blasting action in the form of Warpzone Remix put together by 4-Mat.
 Bipolar released for Devotion[posted by TMR on 26 Feb 2003] 
Well, two months into 2003 and here's the first Cosine release of the year! Bipolar is a 4K demo that was knocked together by T.M.R for the Devotion 2003 online competition. It's nothing special, but we quite like it...!
 Release flood for the end of 2002![posted by TMR on 05 Jan 2003] 
After another quiet year, a small release flood to start 2003; first off there's a one-parter called Snata by T.M.R released for the 2002 Christmas Demo Competition and featuring a total cliche of a Christmas look and more than a little "bah humbug" in the scrolltext! Next we have Exin's winning entry for the graphics competition at Out Of Orderia 2002 called Big Thing.

And finally, a slight departure for this site; the first release for 2003 is a Windows-based utility; ImageWire is a simple but reasonable Windows BMP, JPEG and PNG to Koalapainter image converter by T.M.R
 More tinkering with the site[posted by TMR on 06 Nov 2002] 
We've been updating the data on the site again - don't worry, there'll actually be a new release added to the downloads at some point this year! The only change this time are a couple of new members added to the list. Welcome aboard, guys!
 Tinkering with the site[posted by TMR on 17 Aug 2002] 
Not a new addition, just a load of minor tweaks and bugfixes to the site (repairing a lot of damage done during previous hasty updates!) and the splitting of the Party Pack into separate pages for 2 Block Party, 4K Party, 4K Party 2 and 4K Party 3.
 Digit! released at Assembly 2002[posted by TMR on 04 Aug 2002] 
Here's the first Cosine release of 2002, DigIt! went to the Assembly 2002 party but wasn't shown for some reason (we're assuming it didn't make it past the selection process). This is the first unexpanded VIC20 release from Cosine and is a one-filed demo with all the work done by 4-Mat
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